How to make a couch more comfortable

How to make a couch more comfortable

A sofa should be many things: aesthetically pleasing, stylish, and durable. But, above all, comfort is key. Learning how to make a sofa more comfortable can make all the difference to a relaxing evening after a long day.

A cornerstone of the household, a couch should bring you and your loved ones years of comfort for game night and that next show you are binge-watching. However, over time, your couch cushions will begin to degrade and your couch will lose the comfort and luster that it once had. When this happens, you may wonder how to make your couch more comfortable.

There are plenty of reasons why your sofa may feel uncomfortable, such as firm edges or worn-out cushions, but don’t worry – there are a few simple tricks you can try to make your sofa feel more cozy and inviting. Keep reading to learn how to make a couch more comfortable.

Why Is the Couch Uncomfortable?

Sofas can become more uncomfortable as they age, and the cushions lose their density and flatten out. Sometimes they get lumpy and uneven. But even worse is an uncomfortable couch that is not old or damaged. What could be wrong then?

As you learn how to make a couch more comfortable, it’s helpful to understand why couches can be uncomfortable. The most common reasons are:

  • Poor quality cushion foam
  • Poor quality frame
  • Low-density cushion foam
  • Itchy or irritating fabric
  • Inconvenient height
  • Too short or long cushion depth
  • Poor construction
  • Poorly sloped back
  • Ill-placed cushions

While the best solution to avoiding an uncomfortable couch is to invest in a well-made, quality couch, there are several tricks you can use when learning how to make a couch more comfortable.

Simple Tips & Tricks to Make Your Couch Cushions More Comfortable

Instead of putting money into buying a new couch, you can try these very easy tips to increase the comfort of your couch and save you money and health.

Pile On Throw Pillows

The easiest solution to your couch problem is to pile up throw pillows. You can add a variety of soft and fluffy pillows with different types, colors, or designs to give your couch an eccentric touch. These pillows are ideal for supporting and cushioning the faulty sofa.

Do not add too many pillows or throw blankets, as it can make your couch look stuffed. Four to five pillows are more than enough if you want extra comfort. If you want, you can add a lumbar pillow in combination, as it improves body posture and relieves aches.

Refresh Foam Cushions

If consistent use of the couch has made the foam very thin and unsupportive, try to invest in new ones. You can easily replace your old foam with high quality, firm cushions.

The memory foam cushions are a great solution, allowing you to relax fully. They give spinal alignment to your body and alleviate your pressure points. Other than that, these foams are hypoallergenic and durable.Just measure the size of the cushion seats or buy the pre-cut pieces from the market. Open the zipper, remove the old foams and fill them with the new, firm cushions.

Plump Up The Foam Cushions

You can plump up your worn-out pillows by inserting materials like quilt batting. The batting helps fatten the saggy cushions while adding warmth to your couch. The number of layers you need in the sofa depends upon the nature of the plumpness you want in your couch.

They are easily available in the market in the form of rolls or small packages. You can also find a variety of fabrics, out of which wool and bamboo are the most suitable for a couch. Just open up the zipper, and insert the batting inside to give your couch that extra layer of padding. This will make them more supportive and comfortable.

Make Sure The Sofa’s Legs Are Even

Sometimes, the only issue your couch has is the uneven sofa legs. These wobbly legs make your sofa very uncomfortable. However, a simple hack of sticking non-slip furniture pads can make the whole couch stable. Just peel the protective layer and stick the pad on the uneven leg. The adhesive pad will ensure that the couch becomes balanced and stays in place.

Top The Sofa Cushions With A Slipcover

If the fabric of your sofa becomes scratchy and useless, try a stretch sofa slipcover. The ones made of microfiber are highly comfortable, machine washable, and durable. They are very easy to put on and come in different sizes. You can get a customized slipcover made of your favorite colors and designs. Not only will the slipcover add an extra layer of comfort, but it will also beautify and brighten up the place.

Add An Ottoman

Despite having soft cushioning, you feel uncomfortable when you don’t get enough space to stretch your legs. This increase the feeling of unease that lowers your mood. An ottoman is a great solution to ease the situation and relax the mood.

The ottoman incorporates a footstool at the foot of the sofa, offering the user flexibility. Make sure the ottoman is the same height as your couch. This way, you can relax and stay comfortable the whole time. These lightweight pieces are easy to move and often give free storage. Just look for an ottoman that matches your house decoration and adds more visual effect to the room.

Firm Up Your Springs With A Wood Support

Sometimes, a couch feels uncomfortable when the springs become out of place and poke through the sofa’s material. You can use wooden plywood to firm up these springs. Just cut a piece of plywood according to the size of the sofa. Remove the cushions and place the wood on top of these springs. This will help you relieve some of the slouchiness of the couch, making it a lot comfier.

Fix Up The Spring Of Your Couch

Fixing the spring can save you big bucks while making your couch cozier. Remove the fabric or cushions from the sofa, and flip the couch. Find the loosened or broken springs. Use a tool like pliers to straighten the springs to avoid injury. Tighten any loose springs or screws, and pull the fabric back over. Turn the couch right over and enjoy a relaxing time on your couch.

Snuggle Into A Super Soft Blanket

A super soft blanket is one more way that makes your sofa more comfortable. Along with the softness, They give the added benefit of keeping you warm and fuzzy.

The best part is you can get unlimited choices while choosing the blanket. You can opt for a fur blanket or faux, easily the softest blanket available on the market.With unlimited designs, fabrics, and colors, choosing the blanket is yours. Choose the one that compliments your house and makes your couch homely and secure.

Elevate Your Feet With An Adjustable Wedge Pillow

A wedge pillow can become an excellent source of support. The adjustable pillow can be placed under your feet or behind your head. The choice is all yours.For your feet, take the wedge pillow, and place it near the foot of the couch. It doesn’t matter whether you lay or sit. The rising angle is designed to support your thighs. The elevated position keeps your legs comfortable, improves circulation, and lets you enjoy a relaxed time.

Get Full Body Support With A Body Pillow

The body pillows are also a good option to add to your couch. With different fillings and sizes, it is designed to provide ample support. Other than that, it has the following positive effects on the body.

  • It will relieve pressure points
  • Reduce chronic back and neck pain

It will also give an ample amount of support to your legs.

Keep Your Feet Warm With A Heating Pad

A heating pad is an excellent way to keep your feet warm and toasty while lounging on a couch. The portable heating mattress pad relieves muscle aches and gives a comforting feeling. This trick is handy in winter as you tuck your feet inside a heating pad and pull over a soft blanket.

Get Rid Of Hidden Things

Sometimes the couch feels uncomfortable, as it is nesting various objects. It can include wrappers, leftover food, toys, and many more. Together, they pile up and create a feeling of unease for you. Try to dislodge the cushions once in a while and clean it all up. You will be surprised at the number of unclaimed items you may discover inside your sofa.

Memory Foam Massage Heat Mat

This great therapeutic heating pad mat works like magic and makes the couch more comfortable. The high-density foam is soft and supportive, while the mat-like surface is convenient to lie or sit on. The vibration settings allow you to sit back on the couch, relax, and enjoy different heat settings.


There are a number of easy ways to make a sofa more comfortable: create a lounging station by adding a mix of throw pillows and cozy blankets; choose plush fabric like velvet for a super-soft finish; add an ottoman for extra leg room; and upgrade the cushion fillings for a serious commitment to elevating your sofa’s comfort status.

Warm The Space With Colors

Colors play a big role in moods and feelings but sometimes the right colors can also influence the way a couch or an area of a room feels.

Cooler tones like blue, silver, and grey can make a space feel cold while warmer colors tend to encourage feelings of warmth, comfort, and safety.

When decorating your space or the couch, you can consider the following colors to add to the space, in terms of the throw pillows or blankets, that will encourage a warm ambiance and make the couch cozy.

Here are the best colors to choose from provided that they match your current space:

  • Brown – A light or medium brown will make any couch feel comfortable and warm. This inviting color will go well with most color schemes and it looks especially great on a white or beige couch. It can also help to warm up any grey or dull couch.
  • Yellow – This color will add an energetic, vibrant, and positive pop that will definitely warm the space. A yellow throw pillow or two will make the couch feel more alive and full of spark.
  • Orange – Orange shades are often used in warmer seasons like autumn and fall and this can make the couch feel welcoming and cozy. You could go with a vibrant shade for a pop of color or more muted shades like burnt orange for a warmer, intimate feel. This color is also great to be paired with brown or red for an ambiance full of warmth and interest. Also, this color scheme goes with any color couch, be it blue or green!
  • Red – Red is a fiery, passionate color and if you use this shade to display a throw blanket or pillows, this will give the couch warmth and style.
  • Pink – For a softer, delicate aesthetic that still feels warm and cozy, pink is a great color to have. Softer more muted shades in particular are easy on the eye and you can also create various interesting color schemes.

If you’re looking for the best throw pillows or blankets to add to the couch, these colors are great options!

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep on the Couch

Prepping the Couch

  • Creating a firm surface: The trick to having a great night on the couch is taking the time to prepare your surface. Couches are made for relaxing, and are often very soft. While this is great when you want to snuggle in and watch a movie, when you’re trying to sleep you might find yourself sinking too far into the cushions, and wake up with a very sore back. The couch cushions are too soft, and there aren’t springs under all that foam to help disperse your weight properly. To create a firmer surface, place a thick blanket on the cushions underneath your hips. You’ll get a great sleep, and won’t wake up with a bent back.
  • Making it wider: Do you keep slipping off the couch when you roll over? To make the couch wider, and avoid rolling out of bed in the middle of the night, take the back cushions off the couch. You’ll have more space, and if you’re a side sleeper you’ll be able to have a comfortable night on the couch.
  • Add a sheet: Don’t underestimate how much comfort a sheet will add. You might not think it will make a big difference, but putting a sheet over the bottom cushions can make any couch feel more like a bed, and make it a cozy place to sleep.
  • Steal the blankets: Whether you’re sleeping at a friend’s house or in your own living room, make sure you have a comfortable, soft blanket. You’re already sleeping on the couch, so steal a blanket and don’t settle for sleeping with the throw blanket, and waking up from cold. Avoid sleeping with the throw pillows, and use a real pillow if you can, as this will give you proper neck support throughout the night, and help you sleep peacefully.

Best Sleeping Positions on the Couch

Once you’re ready to crawl into your makeshift bed for the night, take a moment to think about the best sleeping position for the size and shape of the couch. Most couches aren’t as long as a bed, so if you’re used to stretching out at night, you might have to rethink your position.

If the couch is long enough, try sleeping on your back. This will distribute your weight more evenly, and you’ll be less likely to toss and turn in the night, or fall off the couch. Sleeping on a two-seater? Try curling up in the fetal position, and you won’t have a problem with the shorter length for a night or two. Not only will you fit more easily on the couch, but your body heat will keep you warm in case you don’t have a big blanket for the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do If My Couch Is Too Hard?

Sometimes when you buy a new sofa, the cushioning is a little hard then you like. Do not worry; the cushioning will soften after days of use to become accommodating. If that is not the case, you can invest in throw pillows. These pillows come in various sizes and shapes and help soften the hard couch. You can also throw over a soft blanket to balance the hardened surface with a soft, smooth cover.

Can You Add Cushioning To A Couch?

It doesn’t matter. Whatever the filling of your couch has, it can always be changed. After years of usage, the cushion of the couch becomes too thin. Instead of buying new ones, you can always add extra layers of padding to your sofas. Various materials can give the right amount of firmness and support to your couch. Choose according to your personal preference and save your money.1How to Restuff Couch Cushions

Do Couches Become Softer Over Time?

A new couch may feel uncomfortable when delivered to your home. This is because the sofa is filled with materials never used. You must sit on the sofa as much as possible, so the cushions can compress and break down. With years of use, the foam in the sofa becomes softer.2Soft Sofa vs Firm Sofa

How Do You Fix A Slump On A Couch?

Sometimes the springs in the base lose their spring property. This can contribute to the slumping of the couch. You can insert a piece of Plywood on the base and then put cushions on top. If the slumping persists, you need to fix the pillows too. Buy or cut two pieces of foam padding according to the size of your cushions. Insert one layer at the top and the second layer beneath, and zip it up again. Repeat this method with the other cushions. For improved results, remove the old worn-out cushioning and replace them with new foam paddings.

Should A Sofa Be Hard Or Soft?

A soft sofa, although comfortable, can encourage bad posture and become a root cause of many bodily aches. A firm sofa would be smart, as it has unlimited benefits. It helps you sit upright and keeps your spine in a healthy position. It offers a more comfortable space to sit with someone and communicate, so it’s a perfect spot to host guests.

How can I make my couch better for my back?

Add two or three cushions behind you to support your upper back to prevent from slumping. Supporting your upper back rather than your lower will help to keep your pelvis and your spine upright and your head will also be better balanced which will then reduce pressure on the lower back.3How to Sit on a Sofa to Prevent Back Pain

Why does my sofa hurt my back?

If you’ve got backache after lying on your sofa it’s because the soft upholstery encourages you to lounge, leaving your spine in a ‘C’ shape. This can add an excessive amount of pressure on the vertebrae and overstretch the discs, ligaments and muscles that support it, which can eventually lead to chronic backache.4Why does my sofa hurt my back?

Is a firm couch better for your back?

You need to be able to comfortably and easily get up from your couch. Couches that are too soft will cause you to strain when you need to rise, which can hurt your back.

How do you tell if a couch will be comfortable?

Feel the Padding and Cushions

The frame and all the corners of the couch should be well padded. Run your hand over all corners to make sure you can’t feel the edges of the frame through the upholstery. If you can feel the frame, the upholstery may wear down quickly, and your couch will not be very comfortable to use.5How to Choose the Comfort Level of a Sofa

Should your feet touch the floor on a sofa?

Generally speaking, when you’re sitting on a sofa, your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet should touch the floor. Additionally, you should be able to sit comfortably without having to use a throw pillow and your thighs should remain supported by the seat.

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