What can speak without a mouth?

What can speak without a mouth?

An echo speaks without a mouth and hears without ears. It comes alive with wind. Hence, ‘An echo’ is the required answer to this riddle.

What has one in every corner?

Riddle: What is there one of in every corner and two of in every room? Answer: The letter O. 2. May 10, 2021

What has a head but no body?

What has a head and a tail, but no body? – from brainfans … Answer: A coin… Tricky riddles, Riddles, Brain teasers.

Who live in a pink house?

Adam Brown is the owner of ¡°The Pink House¡± on the edge of the Waverly Terrace neighborhood in Columbus, Georgia. The home has five sides and three porches. Jul 18, 2021

What is harder to catch the faster you run?

What is harder to catch the faster you run? Your breath is harder to catch the faster you run.

What is Cannot be broken?

An element is the simplest substance and cannot be broken down using chemical methods. It is a substance consisting of atoms which all have the same number of protons (atomic number).

What things Cannot be broken?

Answer and Explanation: The substances that cannot be broken down by chemical means are called elements. A pure substance can be classified as a compound or an element. An element is made up of a single type of atom, i.e., atoms with the same number of protons.

What rocks but doesn’t roll?

What rocks but does not roll? Answer: A rocking chair. Jan 18, 2023

What has four fingers and a thumb?

The answer to the above riddle is a glove. Jun 1, 2020

What word begins and ends with an E?

envelope The answer is: envelope. Sep 18, 2019

What has branches but no fruit?

I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves. What am I? A bank!

Which flies have no wings?

The answer to the ¡°what flies without wings¡± riddle is ¡°time¡±. Apr 23, 2020

Have a neck but no head?

The answer to the ¡°who is that with a neck and no head¡± riddle is ¡°a shirt¡±.

Does black have no color?

In physics and on the light spectrum, black is the absence of color. However, in art, black is the presence of all colors. In printing, black is one of the colors needed to produce other colors. Sep 14, 2017

Is black a color yes or no?

And many do consider black to be a color, because you combine other pigments to create it on paper. But in a technical sense, black and white are not colors, they’re shades. They augment colors.

What has 88 keys?

standard piano A standard piano has 88 keys: 52 white and 36 black. May 10, 2021

What has 4 legs up and down?

Answer: a tongs. Four legs up, four legs down, soft in the middle, and hard all round.

Where do fish keep their money?

Q: Where do fish keep their money? A: In a river bank.

Who Has 1000 eyes but Cannot see?

Riddle answer: What has an eye but cannot see? The answer to the ¡°what has an eye but cannot see¡± riddle is a needle. May 17, 2020

What has 13 hearts but no organs?

Q: What has 13 hearts, but no other organs? … … A: A deck of playing cards. May 10, 2014

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