What is dark but made light?

What is dark but made light?

What is dark but is made with light? Answer. Shadow is the answer. The darkness that falls due to lights on opposite side of you is your shadow.

What is lighter than a brick?

Stone is lighter than brick by 1 1/10 kg = 1000+100 = 1100 gm. So weight of stone = weight of brick – lighter weight value. =( 2200- 1000 ) gm. So weight of stone = 1100 gm. 1100 gm = 1.1 kg.

What has 3 feet but no toes?

A Yardstick has three feet used for measuring but no toes.

What starts with t?

Some of the T words for kids are Temple, tangy, together, thorough, through, think, tank, torn, timber, to, teacher, tasty, trip, travel, tell, tip, trick, tomb, teak, rhumb, tickle, tree, terrain, tent, tailor, tail, test, time, table, thank, tomato, etc.

What goes up down but doesn’t move?

staircase The answer to this riddle is staircase.

What is thirsty but always drinking?

Thirst is normally just the brain’s way of warning that you’re dehydrated because you’re not drinking enough fluid. But excessive and persistent thirst (known as polydipsia) could be a sign of an underlying problem such as diabetes.

What has no lungs but needs air?

13. I am not alive, but I grow; I don’t have lungs, but I need air; I don’t have a mouth, but water kills me. What am I? Fire!

What can fall off a building and live?

I can fall off a building and live, but in water I will die. What am I? Answer: Paper. 4 Mar 2023

Can humans have green hair?

Although mutations in genetics can result in unpredicted change ¨C hair colour is actually quite a complicated trait, and there is only a certain range of pigment/colour that the human body can literally produce. So even if you had really bizarre mutations ¨C the body cannot make green hair pigment. 5 Jun 2018

Can your hair go green?

That green you’re seeing is actually just an oxidized mineral buildup. “Copper, magnesium, and chlorine bind to the proteins on the surface of the hair shaft,” says Ionato. But don’t reach for a purifying shampoo¡ªnot only will it not remove the grassy tinge, it might actually strip hair dye. 18 Aug 2015

Can human hair green?

Green hair is an unusual dermatologic condition usually due to the deposition of copper from exogenous sources. We report the cases of two patients who presented to our clinic with green discoloration of their hair.

What is full of holes but strong as steel?

7. Riddle: I’m full of holes but strong as steel. What am I? Answer: A chain. 10 May 2021

What start with P and ends with Orn?

Answer: The Answer Is Popcorn The Answer for What Starts With ‘P’ And Ends With ‘ORN’? is “”Popcorn””. Popcorn is the word that starts with the letter ‘P’ and ends with the letters ‘ORN’. 20 Oct 2022

What does the poor have that the rich need?

The answer to the riddle is “”nothing.”” Nothing is greater than God. Nothing is more evil than the Devil. The poor have nothing. The rich need nothing.

What has forests but no trees?

I have cities but no houses, forests but no trees, rivers without water. What am I? A map.

What can fly but Cannot land?

The answer for I fly but I never land. What am I? Riddle is ¡°Time.¡±

What is the world hardest riddle?

What becomes smaller when you turn?

The number 9 gets smaller when you turn it upside down.

When did Eleven open the gate?

Eleven opened the first permanent gate in 1983 after making physical contact with a Demogorgon/Vecna while in a deep psychic state. 1 Jul 2022

What is upside down theory?

Here’s one theory to stir into the mix: When Eleven first banished Henry Creel to the Upside Down in September 1979, it was a bleak desert-like volcanic landscape. By the time of Will’s abduction in 1983 though, it was a perfect mirror reproduction of Hawkins (albeit dark and threaded with vines and floating motes). 6 Jul 2022

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