What is the number 1 crop in the world?

What is the number 1 crop in the world?

Sugar cane Sugar cane was the most produced crop or livestock product worldwide in 2021, at 1.86 billion metric tons. This was followed by maize, of which 1.21 billion metric tons worth was produced. Sugar cane is grown for both sugar production and ethanol for biofuel production. 7 days ago

What is the most produced crop in China?

Rice Food crops Rice is China’s most important crop, raised on about 25% of the cultivated area. The majority of rice is grown south of the Huai River, in the Zhu Jiang delta, and in the Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan provinces.

What is SC known for producing?

SC Farm Facts South Carolina’s top ten commodities are broilers, turkeys, greenhouse nurseries, cotton, corn, cattle, soybeans, peanuts, eggs, and wheat. There are nearly 25,000 farms in South Carolina amounting to nearly 5 million acres of farmland.

Which state has the most farms in the world?

Texas Texas had the most farms in the United States in 2021 followed by Missouri and Iowa. Texas accounted for roughly 12% of the farms in the United States in 2021. Thirty nine (39) states had 12,000 or more farms in 2021.

How was SC named?

The first European attempts at settlement failed, but in 1670 a permanent English settlement was established on the coast near present day Charleston. The colony, named Carolina after King Charles I, was divided in 1710 into South Carolina and North Carolina. 14 Dec 2022

What is the meaning of SC in SC?

The Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Indian Tribes (SITs) are officially designated groups of people and among the most disadvantaged socio-economic groups in India. The terms are recognized in the Constitution of India and the groups are designated in one or other of the categories.

What does the state SC stand for?

South Carolina was named in honor of King Charles I of England, who first formed the English colony, with Carolus being Latin for “Charles”. In 1712 the Province of South Carolina was formed.

What is SC state fruit?

South Carolina peaches were made the official fruit of the state in 1984. Second only to California in fresh peach production, South Carolina farmers have been producing peaches commercially since the 1860s. Today, they grow about 40 varieties.

Does the Confederate flag still fly?

Although the Confederate States of America dissolved at the end of the American Civil War (1861¨C1865), its battle flag continues to receive modern display.

What flag has a moon and tree?

Flag of South Carolina The flag of South Carolina is a symbol of the U.S. state of South Carolina consisting of a blue field with a white palmetto tree and white crescent. Roots of this design have existed in some form since 1775, being based on one of the first American Revolutionary War flags.

What is SC state animal?

Whitetail Deer It prefers deciduous forests with ponds free of fish. The Whitetail Deer was designated the State Animal by Act Number 1335 of 1972. The whitetail deer has a reddish-brown coat in the spring and summer and turns to a grey-brown throughout the fall and winter.

What is the food of South Carolina?

What Food Is South Carolina Known For? Boiled Peanuts. … Carolina Reaper. … Chicken Bog. … Frogmore Stew/Lowcountry Boil. … Okra. … Peaches. … Shrimp and Grits. … South Carolina Barbeque. More items… ? 17 Nov 2022

Where did SC come from?

The phrase ¡°best friends forever¡± can likely be traced back to the 1980s. However, BFF was popularized in 1997 when the character Phoebe Buffay said it in season 3, episode 25 of the hit show Friends. It was added to the New Oxford American Dictionary in 2010.

Which is better north or SC?

You can’t go wrong for the most part when it comes to comparing the weather between North and South Carolina. They are both mild, comfortable places to live. Since South Carolina is closer to the equator, it has a bit warmer temperatures than North Carolina and is likely more ideal for going to the beach year-round. 4 Jul 2022

What country is under SC?

the United States of America South Carolina, constituent state of the United States of America, one of the 13 original colonies. It lies on the southern Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

What country name is SC?

Seychelles Appendix DISO Country Codes for Selected Countries Country Two-letter Abbreviation Seychelles SC Sierra Leone SL Singapore SG Slovakia (Slovak Republic) SK 90 more rows ? 10 Oct 2007

Why did the British find SC?

The newly created province was intended in part to serve as an English bulwark to contest lands claimed by Spanish Florida. There was a single government of the Carolinas based in Charleston until 1712, when a separate government (under the Lords Proprietors) was set up for North Carolina.

What are people from SC called?

Unsurprisingly, residents of South Carolina are simply South Carolinians. The name has the same origin as North Carolina.

How do you say hello in South Carolina?

How to Speak South Carolinian Y’all. Truly the most useful word you’ll hear in South Carolina, it’s the plural “you” that the English language is lacking. … Hey. Second in ubiquity to “y’all” and deeply connected to it is “hey.” It simply means hello. … Nice to See You. … Might Could. … Bless Your Heart. … Cackalacky.

What is the coolest state motto?

Here’s our extremely definitive list. Maine. 44. California. “?Eureka” (I have found it) … Arizona. “Ditat Deus” (?God Enriches) … Indiana. “The Crossroads of America” … Alaska. “North to the Future” … Utah. “Industry” … Delaware. “Liberty and Independence” … Maryland. “Fatti maschii, parole femine” (Manly deeds womanly words) … More items… ? 30 Mar 2015

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