Where do fish keep their money?

Where do fish keep their money?

Q: Where do fish keep their money? A: In a river bank.

What kind of room has no doors?

The answer is: A mushroom. 13 Jun 2020

What is lighter than what I am made of?

Riddle. Lighter than what I’m made of, more of me is hidden than is seen. What am I? Answer: An iceberg.

What seven letter has hundreds of letters in it?

The answer is Mailbox or Postbox. 1 Sept 2022

What is alive without breath and cold as death?

Alive without breath; as cold as death; never thirsting, ever drinking; clad in mail, never clinking. Drowns on dry land, thinks an island is a mountain; thinks a fountain is a puff of air. So sleek, so fair! 14 Apr 2005

Which head is green?

The head of a comet often glows green; the tail mostly does not. 7 Jan 2022

What word begins and ends with an E?

envelope The answer is: envelope. 18 Sept 2019

What runs but never walks?

A River Answer: A River! 28 Apr 2022

What is bigger when it is upside down?

Olive Tree Infant Academy Just for laughs! Q: What gets bigger when it’s upside down? A: a 6! 4 Feb 2021

When can a net hold water?

When can a net hold water? When the water is turned into ice.

What stays where it is when goes off?

Check the answer to the Riddle! The correct answer to the Riddle is ¡°Alarm Clock¡±. 28 Dec 2020

Is number 1 a Vecna?

The final scene of Volume 1 shows a shot of Vecna, and a close up of the 001 tattoo on his arm, confirming that Henry Creel, a.k.a. Number One, became Vecna. 7 Jul 2022

Who was Vecna before?

What is Vecna’s origin story on Stranger Things? In episode 7, Vecna is revealed to be Henry Creel (played as a youngster by Raphael Luce), the son of Victor Creel (Robert Englund) and his wife Virginia (Tyner Rushing) shown in the 1950s flashbacks. 30 Jun 2022

Did 11 create Vecna?

In a fit of rage, Henry used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects and workers, and attempted to do the same to Eleven. However, Eleven stood her ground and ultimately overpowered him, sending him through a gate to the Upside Down; there, he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna.

Is Vecna a girl or a boy?

Vecna (/?v?k. n¨»?/ VEK-nah) is a fictional character appearing in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Vecna has been named one of the greatest villains in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. … Vecna Race Deity Gender Male 10 more rows

How did 008 survive in Stranger Things?

Given Kali’s powers, it seems pretty self-explanatory as to how she was able to escape the lab. She either made herself invisible or was able to escape after manipulating the minds and visions of the guards.

How did 11 get out of the upside down?

When Eleven touched the Demogorgon inside the Void, she became so terrified that her powers burst out of her, and a Gate to the Upside Down was opened inside the lab. Somewhere among the chaos of the Gate opening, Eleven escaped HNL through the drain pipe Henry had shown her years ago. 1 Jul 2022

What has a single eye but?

Invisibility cloak Was this answer helpful?

What has teeth but Cannot chew *?

What has teeth but cannot chew? ¨C A comb. 12 Dec 2022

What has teeth but Cannot you?

What has teeth but cannot eat? Comb.

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