Who cannot hear at all?

Who cannot hear at all?

‘Deaf’ people mostly have profound hearing loss, which implies very little or no hearing. They often use sign language for communication. 27 Feb 2023

Who has a tongue but Cannot talk?

The answer to this riddle is a shoe. This is actually part of a larger riddle the complete riddle is as follows, ¡°what has a tongue but cannot talk gets around a lot but cannot walk¡±. The Tongue being referred to is the flap part of the shoe that protects the foot from the laces causing any abrasions. 29 Nov 2018

What has legs but doesn’t walk?

What has four legs and one back but can’t walk? Chair.

Which fruit is not a tree?

Some fruits, such as bananas, cherries, and apples, grow on trees. Other fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, and watermelons, grow on vines. Fruits like blueberries and raspberries grow on bushes. All fruits contain seeds.

What animals don’t feel pain?

While mammals and birds possess the prerequisite neural architecture for phenomenal consciousness, it is concluded that fish lack these essential characteristics and hence do not feel pain. 16 Dec 2014

Which animal can sleep for 3 years?

Snails Why Do Snails Sleep So Long? Snails need moisture to survive; so if the weather is not cooperating, they can actually sleep up to three years. 19 Jul 2019

What animal Cannot cry?

While this may look superficially like emotional “crying”, it occurs simply because elephants have lost the normal mammalian structures that drain excess moisture away from their eyes; without a true lacrimal structure, elephants are physically unable to produce emotional tears. 6 Sept 2018

What animal does not cry?

‘In the sense of producing emotional tears, we are the only species,’ he says. All mammals make distress calls, like when an offspring is separated from its mother, but only humans cry, he says. 23 Jul 2013

What color is cockroach blood?

colourless The colour of the blood of the cockroach is not red it is colourless due to the absence of hemoglobin. The blood of the cockroach is known as hemolymph.

What color is spider blood?

blue blood Snails, spiders and octopi have something in common- they all have blue blood! We’re not talking in the sense of royalty, these creatures literally have blue blood. So why is their blood blue and ours red? One of the purposes of blood is to carry oxygen around the body. 15 Feb 2018

Which animal blood is white?

Family Channichthyidae has fishes that do not contain hemoglobin pigment in their blood. Hence their blood is white. As Hemoglobin is important for carrying oxygen in the body, but in the habitat of these fishes, the amount of oxygen present in cold water makes them devoid of Hemoglobin.

What has 9 stomachs?

They have nine stomachs Just like cattle, proboscis monkeys have a complex stomach with many chambers ¨C although they aren’t technically ruminants. Each one of these stomachs is filled with healthy bacteria to help them digest their food.

What animal has the most eyes?

Dragonflies (Anisoptera) Some species of dragonfly have more than 28,000 lenses per compound eye, a greater number than any other living creature.

What animal has no stomach?

the platypus In other words, the platypus has no stomach. The stomach, defined as an acid-producing part of the gut, first evolved around 450 million years ago, and it’s unique to back-boned animals (vertebrates). 3 Dec 2013

What animals have 32 hearts?

Which animal does have 32 hearts? To many, leeches are horrifying creatures. To a few, they’re impressive and miraculous.

What animal has 0 hearts?

Jellyfish, starfish, and even corals manage very well without hearts. Starfish do not even have blood, so this explains why no heart is required. Instead, they use small hair-like structures called cilia to push seawater through their bodies and they extract oxygen from the water. 2 Oct 2020

What animal has blue blood?

Can you guess what animals might have blue blood? Lobsters, crabs, pillbugs, shrimp, octopus, crayfish, scallops, barnacles, snails, small worms (except earthworms), clams, squid, slugs, mussels, horseshoe crabs, most spiders.

Has a cow got 4 stomachs?

Quick facts. Ruminant stomachs have four compartments: the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum and the abomasum. Rumen microbes ferment feed and produce volatile fatty acids, which is the cow’s main energy source. Rumen microbes also produce B vitamins, vitamin K and amino acids.

Do dogs have 2 stomachs?

Both humans and dogs have a one-stomach system for digestion (monogastric). However, a dog’s digestive system differs from that of a human in several ways. In humans, digestion begins in the mouth, where enzymes in saliva begin breaking down starches into simple sugars as we chew. 14 Feb 2022

Do humans have 2 stomachs?

Humans only have one stomach anatomically. It receives food from the esophagus and performs its job. When food reaches the end of the esophagus, it passes through a muscle valve known as the lower oesophageal sphincter and into the stomach. The stomach then creates fluids and enzymes that aid in the digestion of food.

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